Have you ever...


Citizen of Zooville
Yes, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Last year.

HYE worked while under the influence?

BTW, it's actually a no in response to your question.


Citizen of Zooville
No, but I was falling asleep while walking. I was at Disney too. I got sick a few days later so that was probably why

HYE accidentally killed a pet fish


Citizen of Zooville
Hrm. I think I've wished that I didn't HAVE a sibling a time or two, but never wanting to swap a friend into the family in PLACE of a sib.

Have you ever wanted a pizza so badly you made one from scratch? (making pizza from scratch right now)
No, nothing wrong with weird food combinations, I just don't like that combo

HYE gotten so drunk you don't remember the night/day before, and only got stories from friends of the shit you did?