Ever Had A Maregasm Facial?


Zooville Settler
Don't know if this has been posted, but been wanting to ask.

Have you ever had a facial from a mare while eating out her pussy? if so what was it like? :love:中中中

Always found maregasms so incredibly hot (especially cumming on a guys dick) and videos where a guy eats out a mare, also very hot. wondering if anyone has has experienced it!


Zooville Settler
Many times. Spend enough intimate time with a mare with the desire to bring her pleasure, and you will eventually figure out her buttons. Ive had a couple mares over the years who could.be brought to orgasm from oral alone. Lots of winking which feels lovely while youre giving a mare a proper tongue lashing. It can be crazy hot having her push clamp and quiver on your tongue while she explodes with wetness.