Avatars, are you using your own or taking someone else's material?

Do you use someone elses material as your avatar or has someone used your material as avatar?

  • A) Yes, I use an avatar of material I did not create.

  • A) No, I created my own avatar.

  • B) Yes, I have seen my material used as an avatar and pisses me the hell off.

  • B) Yes, I have seen my material used as an avatar and it makes me proud \ don't care

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I like it when people ask if they can use one of my renders as there avatar, I always say yes those people make me feel good and have respect of others.
I’m not a skilled enough artist to make my own avatar or profile banner. If the artist DID contact me and request me to remove it, I would swap it out.
I do want to make my own avatar but I’m so paranoid about having anything identifiable (no matter how slight) traced back to me. For now (and probably always) I’ll stick with this image from a mobile game (I think that’s where it’s from).
My av is a coming to term, used from a game logo. My haunted past of a love I lost (passed away). I kinda give myself new hope...plus,the name it is what it is...lol.
Mine is a picture from a furry get-together a few years back. I was goofing off with a cardboard box, and my rainbow tail sticking out as I Roomba'd my way around made me look like some kind of cryptid. I have since made "Boxthing" into somewhat of an online muse, since it's lighthearted and original but also perfectly anonymous.
I use my own. And, to my knowledge no one has ever used my pic as theirs. Occasionally, I run a reverse image search on Google to see where my pics is showing up. To date, I've haven't seen any of my pics where they shouldn't be. For anyone else who is curious, go to Google.com using a desktop computer. (reverse image search isn't available on mobile) Once there click on the camera in the search box. This will open allow you to browse for a file. Select the file you want to search for. Google will then pull up all identical or similar pictures currently on the web. Screen Shot.png
Well to be honest I'll be going from a generic real life wolf pic to a generic drawn wolf pic(though I love her very much since she was handmade for me and generic doesn't mean bad by any means heh), though neither of them were made by me, even if I was the one who commissioned the drawn pic.
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I would love to have a full pic of me standing next to my horses.
So I settle for a pic that would be hard to match to any other pics u take of my horses.