1. Yosef05

    What was the conversation??? Honest question….

    What was the conversation??? Honest question…. The conversation, over time 🤷🏻‍♂️, to see if she’s intrigued? The one that went from “the dog/pony/animal has a hard on” to her saying ‘I want to taste all of that” or “I want to feel it inside of me”?? Or, maybe she brought it up? We all know you...
  2. Redwood93292

    Legal age?

    What is the legal age in your country
  3. K

    (Very) New Member !

    Hi all, I’m Kim, 28, living in Japan but originally from Albania! Even though I’ve been considering it seriously for years now I still haven’t had rhe chance to enter this world, so I’d love to meet people here and talk about your experiences until I can develop my own!
  4. Lakepussy

    Hi from Canadian woman

    Hello. Canadian, 40 F. I'm an open and willing woman available for training and your use. I'm a huge cum lover, and all around cum slut. Just coat me in in your cum, or your dogs, ponies, whatever, and I'm a very happy woman. Feel free to PM me (when those eventually work for me.) Happy to...
  5. boltman

    Cards Against Humanity humor

    I won that round XD
  6. H

    Woman : How does it feels to have a Horse penis (and cum) inside your pussy / ass ?

    Just asking, I'm curious. (Seeing woman doing something dirty with a horse turn me on so much)
  7. FloofyNewfie

    Involuntarily Exclusive!

    To start out I'm not an Incel! Lol That header was to grab your attention! xD So right now I'm technically exclusive as I'm only in partnership with a doggie girl. While I'm not actively looking for a woman, if I found the right person I'd have no problems with dating one. I haven't dated a...
  8. Esmeralda0009

    A critique for professional zoo films.??

    Why professional zoo movies are never erotic, that is, with a story and not just having sex? I mean passion, like seeing a woman who slowly feels like being with her dog, and being mutual, they have a lovely and nice sex experience ... I don't know if you understand me, there's never a story...
  9. wilddog1234

    Women guide for boar sex

    Need guidance from experienced members for boar sex.
  10. V

    Women pussy vs female dog pussy

    I am really curious to see if a female dog pussy is better than a woman's pussy.