1. take_your_thyme

    Hi from the PNW 👋🏻

    Hi everyone 👋🏻😁 wanted to introduce myself here. I'm a 36, male, 6'3, business professional with a graduate degree, an athletic build, and a BWC. I saw zoo porn for the first time when I was around 15 and I started watching it constantly! Then for quite a few years it went away, but ultimately...
  2. BobBurner

    18 M Washington

    So I've been lurking here for a little bit, but I've always been too scared to post. It seems like everyone else is so experienced and can actually find people >< Does anyone have any tips for finding someone who would offer to let me get my first time? Also, do any of you have tips for like-...
  3. curiousknk99

    From Lurking To Posting :)

    Hi guys, Been a long time lurker but finally decided to create an account and post! Im 32 M but I had been interested/curious about zoo since forever. Never found it "wrong" but managed to keep my explorations private. Loved this forum of absolutely lovely and inviting folks! Hope to get to...