1. ZTHorse

    Zoophilia. Wheres the Problem? - French Pro-zoo Comic

    COMIC IS HERE - This was a resource provided from BojackFR, our french zoophile friend. This comic is originally intended to be a pro-vegan comic but was translated into english. It is...
  2. D

    PETA the organisation

    I keep reading lots of Zoos are talking negative about the organisation PETA. To be honest I don´t know why because I have no clue or idea why lots of Zoos are against a NGO which more or less is for animal rights... right? I am all ear for a good discussion about PETA and hope this stay here...
  3. Z

    Is anyone a vegetarian or vegan?

    Just wondering how many other zoos are vegetarian or vegan. I am a vegetarian -- I do not eat meat because I think it is morally wrong (I don't think animals should be viewed as mere objects to be consumed). Animals should be treated as equal to humans, and that means not eating them. I also...