1. doggylifestyle

    My golden retriever likes licking my penis but I'm scared of the teeth, any tips?

    My dog layla love licking my penis but I'm too scared of the teeth so I don't let her Anyone got any advice?
  2. D

    dog sheath licking

    Would it be harmful to me or the dog if I put my tongue in his sheath?
  3. K

    kissing advice first time

    id like to try kissing/licking tongues with my dog to see if he's interested or enjoys that and if he wants to take our relationship further at all, and i have a few questions! does dog spit/tongue taste any different than humans? and do i let him just lick my tongue at first, or should i try...
  4. jakeo

    Long, slobbering dog tongue... would you suck on it?

    I absolutely love big dog tongues and crazy about dog slobber! If a dog lets me... I'll hold its mouth open and suck its tongue into my mouth and swallow all the slobber... Once even swallowed/choked on a GSD's tongue. I have yet to find anyone else with this fetish. Are you out there? 😊