1. having bone

    Tips for 4th of July

    We want to make sure our partners are safe During what can be a scary time for them. 1. Take them for a adventure which could be a hike, bike ride, a long walk 2. Play everyday sounds for them that could could be music, having a fan on, running the dryer, or putting doggie tv on 3. Try having...
  2. N

    Tips or advice on 2 bitches

    So right now I'm very excited as by summer I'll be able to get my own place finally. I am a straight male and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for keeping 2 bitches. Specifically 2 German shepherds. I've been looking around and from what I've seen it seems that it's not a good...
  3. K

    warming M/dog up to masturbation?

    im new to zoosexuality (ive been one for as long as i remember, but i havent engaged in it until recently) and i have an older pitlab mutt, hes about 7 or 8 years old, and hes been neutered for a long while. hes never had sexual advances made on him before due to this, let alone from humans. ive...
  4. werqu

    Tips For Women About Sex With Big Dogs [BeastForum re-post]

    [This was written by user SamanthaJonesUK on beastforum, very useful advice.] I’ve written this document as I really struggled to find real facts that were appropriate. I will cover the facts as I see / have experienced. * Large dogs are not easy to control nor are they easy to do this with...