1. shepardt

    Dog Sex Tattoos - Which One?

    Ladies would you get one of these tattoos and if so which one? The first one could be played off as you just like dogs if someone saw it - if they know they know The second is a little more obvious with the inverted paws in the same position and orientation as if a dog mounted you.
  2. C

    Paw Prints

    Hi Everyone, Im Marina, Im a little new to the zoo life but I need ideas. I want to get some paw tattoos near my waist line just to look fun when Im doing my little boy Scout. Does anyone have ideas of how to hide them from people or other ideas for what to get? Thanks!
  3. tb419126

    Tattoo ideas

    I wasn't sure the most appropriate place for this post so I hope this is OK here. I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo and would like to get something that to the casual observer would look simple and innocent enough. But to zoos and others with a shared interest in dogs (or even...
  4. daijm

    zoo tattoo

    hey guys :D have you any good idea for a zoo tattoo :D i wanne make one on my butt but i dont know what kind apreciate any idea :love: :love: