sucking dogcock

  1. YetiBeast

    Dogcock sucking techniques

    We all love to suck a nice juicy dogcock. But what are your techniques? What is your secret to enjoy to the full? Are small cocks easier to suck?
  2. kittybabie33

    What was your first time sucking dog cock like?

    My biggest dream is to taste a doggy cock. Nothing makes me wetter than the thought. It looks absolutely addictive. While I daydream about it…. Tell me about your first time tasting your boys! What were you thinking? Feeling? How was the experience? Love this community xx
  3. A

    Rimming and socking dogs/animal cocks

    Do you rim your partners bumhole(human) and how many of you suck animals off, let them cum in your mouths??
  4. E minor

    Sheath sucking

    I wanna lay my fluffy boy before me on his back, while I sit, and pet his chest and belly. Then I wanna stroke this cute soft sac between his legs, its so good, play with his little balls. While I rub his chest, I will suck a tip of his sheath, not dick, only sheath. Suck it like a tit and warm...
  5. VoyeurGraham

    Ladies Please Explain apparent love for sucking on dogs

    I've seen women giving blow jobs in real life and videos. None of them are as enthusiastic, hungry as the women I've watched sucking a dogs cock. The sucking and swallowing seems to satisfy a carnal lust only a canine can satisfy. Is it just my imagination, or do you ladies absolutely love...