1. Void_Vis

    A guy with a fetish

    Hello everybody!🫡 I am a 30 years old heterosexual Russian guy🫢 I don't consider myself as a zoophile, I just don't have any interest in having sex with animals, but I have a zoo fetish - women with dogs. I just can't stop watching those pics and videos🤤 I am so happy that I have found this...
  2. cbrnth

    What is your sexual orientation?

    There is a much broader spectrum of sexual orientations than listed in this poll (which is limited), so please select any that you identify with and share other sexual orientations in the comments ❤️
  3. alisacolato

    Gay men goes straight when it comes to zoo (mare/bitch pussy)

    Disclaimer: I don´t want to sound hutrful with this thread, I just don´t know how to describe it. But I want to know if anyone here identifies as gay man but likes females animals. For example if you don´t like women but you are into bitches and mares pussy. It´s weird for me to think about it...
  4. Blazzy

    Straight men into Zoo pussy?

    I'm a straight guy that likes zoo pussy. I've noticed that most men on here are either bi or gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm just curious if there are any other guys who are attracted to female zoo pussy, because it seems like that is a minority on here.
  5. delicute

    Hey, new here!

    Hey guys, I’m pretty inexperienced but curious, so I find myself here. I just recently turned 19 a few weeks ago but all my zoo experiences were when I was younger. I’ve always been interested but never confident enough to explore this side of myself.. however I didn’t know until now that...