1. A

    Is it safe to have sex with my female german shepherd if she's spayed?

    She was spayed when she was 1 and I've been curious if it's safe to have vaginal sex with her because she's spayed. I'm not very knowledgeable on the whole procedure myself as my parents were the ones who did it (she's a family dog). So I was curious if it's safe to have sex with her or if she'd...
  2. pes

    Spayed female sex information gathering

    Having sex with a spayed female dog is a very common question here:[title_only]=1&o=date I propose the people with female dog experience write a comprehensive summary of what you can not do with a castrated female dog. This would then be...
  3. B

    First time. Advice wanted.

    Hello. I am probably going to penetrate a friend's dog today for the first time, although she is spayed. It is our first time and I would like advice on penetrating spayed dogs.
  4. D

    Spaying/neuthering your dogs. North America vs the rest of the world.

    I see a lot of people from North America seing spaying/neutheuring their dog as the best solution. Compared to other parts of the world like some countries in Europe are against it. Why people in North America are all in on this? I understand that they want to prevent a overpopulation of dogs...
  5. Pitbull6565

    Spayed or not?

    I'm gonna get a dog soon, ill probably wait a few years to spay her tho