1. Eevee

    The smell & taste of (clean) dog ass

    Hi everybody. Since sniffing and rimming the (clean) tailhole of a big male dog is getting more and more one of my biggest/ hottest phantasies and I sadly never got the chance to try it myself, I wanted to ask the more experienced citizens of Zooville: What is it like? Is there any big...
  2. Oinker

    How many of you enjoy sniffing dogs' butts? Or butts in general?

    I made this post because I'd like to hear how many of you have done it, and how many of you have continued to do it after trying it out for the first time! Personally I'm really into smells of any kind, and although I never had a dog of my own to put my nose near that sexy butthole and take a...
  3. Jëëco

    Does crotch sniffing turn you on too?

    So does anyone else find a dog sniffing your crotch sexy? Because I swear every time a dog starts putting their nose on my dick and balls and hearing that sniffing noise, it's boner city. Once i actually thought about putting dog biscuits in my pants and going to the local dog park. Anyone else...