1. DoggyQuest

    What is the largest penis a female Husky can take?

    Hello, Question is just as the title reads. What is the biggest penis a female Husky can take (on average) also if anyone is willing to list their size who has had sex with a female Husky that would also be great.
  2. Estafantom

    Minimum size to mount

    Hi! I have a list of dog breed compatible with my profile: - labrador retriever - golden retriever - flat coated retriever - Greyhound I'm 1,60m tall and wondering if a whippet (48 to 56cm) would be able to mount me? Considering the retrievers are closer to 58cm tall and that whippets are more...
  3. pes

    Default image size

    @ZTHorse I have no idea whether this is actually possible here, but for example furaffinity does that. Is it possible to enable a setting that would allow users to set the default image size in threads to a smaller thumbnail? Many threads have lots of large full size images and that is a pain...
  4. Cowboi69

    Horse size question

    So it's accepted that a healthy 60lb dog is generally the minimal weight for penetrative intercourse. But what's the minimum weight for a horse?
  5. D

    Let's be honest: It's the dick size

    Alright so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this here or on some other thread but anyways. This is mainly directed to zoo/beast ladies. I've read quite a few posts about the experience some women have when mating with a dog. Just curious, do you think the appeal and the enjoyment would be...
  6. A

    Best short haired dog/with a big cock/knot??

    Hi there, a Newbie question. Myself and hubby are looking to play with a dog long term and I really want to experience a big knot, but before we get a dog/puppy I have few yes and no’s. So, I want the dog to be short haired, sociable and with a decent cock/big knot and a good stayer/performer...