1. S

    Hiiiiii Im new

    Hi im new here just discoved this site gotta say im in love on so many levels. I want to be a beast bitch dogs horses donkeys etc. Ntw heres my all dressed up
  2. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Any tips for a beginner sissy taking a large breed?

    I'm 50kg and my bernard is 72kg we have a great connection but I have never tried anything with him but he's becoming very sexually active recently and we are both ready. If you have seen my videos I can take a big knot dildo but his knot is even bigger than my toy!! He's very friendly until...
  3. KnottyNimuetheNymphoFembo

    Just a sexy ass knot loving femboi stopping in to say hello.

    Feel free to shoot me a message especially if you can help me get knotted;). I have pics and videos to share of me if you want proof of how sexy I am. I'm Nimue by the way.
  4. bigwhitedlbooty

    New to forum

    Hello! I'm a passable CD that is new to the forum. I live in PA and am very interested in m dogs. I don't currently own but am hoping to possibly find someone to meet up with and have some fun!
  5. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Who Would Let Their Dog Make Me Their Bitch?

    I'd just like to know as I'm new to zoo. I'm a young fem cd, skinny, 5'8, weigh 47 kilos or 7.5 stone. I love to be tied up and have no control, really need to be a slut for many big dogs, showed who's the bitch.
  6. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    New account here, midlands england. Sissy breeding bitch.

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the site, I'm loving it so far! Tell me what you think of my content. Anybody here from midlands also? I'm hoping there is local stallion owners / dog owners. I'm only into male animals as I am 100% bottom, I love cum so much feeling the warm cum drip down into...
  7. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Do male dogs/horses sense human attraction?

    You can read my posts (in story section) and from my experience I believe animals sense human attraction. For example my horse story, that horse doesn't get hard with other people petting him but he gets hard with me and tries to dominate me. I think they can also sense other emotions like...
  8. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Hi I am new to this site, I just want to say hello to all my zoo friends.

    This community seems so great already I only joined a few hours ago and I feel at home! So as my profile says I'm a sissy but very skinny 7.5 stone, 5'9ft. You can read my story I have had with a rottweiler but I was always interested in the scene much before. Do you think I would have much luck...
  9. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Can big dogs cum lots?

    I love cum and I want to be knotted by a big dog, I want to be flooded and i just want to know do dogs actually cum as much as I have seen? Apparently dogs can keep Cummings for over 10 mins that is so hot.
  10. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Got a new toy, it squirts and its huge!

    Lovely dog knot dildo, with a squirt function. My ass feels numb when the knot pulls out, I am training my ass for the real thing. I am an animal sex virgin but my hole is prepared. Here is my toy
  11. CD_Lucy_Goose

    A big furry hello from a Sissy Bear

    I'm Lucy an unconvincing cross-dresser (although outfits and accessories can work wonders) who lives in Camberwell, London and loves doggies :love: Despite lots of fun experimenting when I was younger its taken me too long to accept this part of me and open up, so I'm very pleased to be doing...
  12. CDAmber17

    27 y/o Sissy/CD looking for like minded individuals and friends!

    Hey! Finally decided to stop lurking and actually start posting! From the South Jersey/Philly area. Been interested in Zoo type material for a few years now, and looking for friends and others to talk about fantasies and swap stories and such! Mostly interested in dogs, but have been curious...
  13. SissyAshlie

    Hey 👋 everyone I’m Ashlie from Connecticut

    Just wanted to leave a hello message for everyone. I just joined the site. I’m excited to find some local friends to chat with, and hopefully meet up. I’m a bi, white, 36 year old discreet sissy. Definitely a uniquely tall and slim unicorn 🦄 giraffe 🦒 6’6” 165. Love to hear from mature...
  14. Rosy the Sissy Werefox

    A sissy boy from germany says "hii! x3"

    Hii! I'm new here and thought i could introduce me too ^^ My name is Shiiba & i'm 25yo bisexual sissy boy and hobby artist from Germany. I am open minded and very creative. With 14, i just thought i could try to use my creativity and do something with it. So i started writing creepy pastas and...
  15. Khloe_swallowz

    New sissy / Dog lover

    Hello So I’m a switch. I’m a bitch. I’m a slut. I’m a whore. I’m a pig. I’m disgusting. I'm a nasty dirty perverted slut. But I switch. I can be a willing abuse craving attention whore, or a nasty bitch. You may have seen me in porn videos and magazines. This who I am. I was born to be...
  16. Sissy4Dogs

    Looking for Zoo Friends In my Area

    Hello, I'm relatively new to this, I'm looking to make zoo friends in the South TN/North GA area, and I'm hoping to finally lose my anal virginity to a cute little doggie as well! ;) I'm a skinny cross dressing sissy slut. I've sucked 3 dog cocks and squirted in a bitch once, but I've never...
  17. Sissy4Dogs

    Advice on Finding an Owner for my First Time!

    Hello, I'm a 27 y/o sissy, and I've never gone all the way with a dog before, only ever sucked doggie cock on 3 different occasions! I'm looking for an owner near me to help me lose my doggie virginity! I'm very tight so a BIG dog is out of the question, but I've taken a few decent sized human...