1. RoseytheKnottedSlave

    27 F - Northern Georgia relocating to Savannah, GA

    Going through a tough breakup. I was with my ex for 5 years, but that's a whole different story. Just moved back in with my parents until I can figure out my next move. Things have been ruff lately. I need to make some friends. I'm lonely. My oldest cat just died so now I only have Luna my...
  2. tailholeluvr

    Sexiest Dog Breeds!

    Hey! I wanted to start a thread of different dog breeds we all find the most attractive! ⭐️ nsfw pics are appreciated ;) I’ll start with the Doberman :gsd_love: they have been my favorite since I was a very young kid. They are so sleek and elegant looking! I love all their color variations too...
  3. docg


    Hey everyone, ok so this isn’t actually a toy but I just found this in wish ... I’m honestly so confused... is it sexy Or funny? 🤣 I started at funny now I’m on sexy 😂
  4. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone Else Love Doggy Tails?

    Anyone else crazy about doggy tails? I think they are absolutely sexy! ? I'm especially attracted to fluffy dog tails, they drive me absolutely bonkers! ? I mean just look at my girl, and her sexy ass booty. Who could not think her rear end is adorable! (And also sexy.) And her tail? Huff! Her...