1. D

    Sex Breaks

    How do you other males deal with sex breaks? At the suggestion of another zv member, I am taking a two day break from sex with my husky, and it has been harder than I thought. I am not having sex with my GSD right now as she has a vet exam soon, and my other GSD doesn’t like sex unless she is...
  2. D

    Husky Sex

    My husky has sex with me a lot, most of the time whenever I want to. This is normal? I’ve seen some people say their girls only want it during theyre heats, but mine wants it regardless. Thank you
  3. D

    Female dog heat

    Hi I’m new here, and as i said in a different post, this is not my main language. I was wondering at what point during a female dogs first heat can I mate them? My brother has a dog and wanted to try with her, but asked me for knowledge because I’ve been mating with dogs longer.
  4. HorseLoverPerv

    23M Obsessed with horse ass

    Hello everyone. I’ve been here a while but never made on of these. I’ve completely obsessed with big, thick horse asses and their donuts. Male or female. So exciting. I want to make a telegram group so like minded people can chat there. Message me if you’re interested.
  5. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Human female attraction towards male animals

    I find it hot but I'd like to understand from a women perspective what they find lustful about it out pure curiosity. Also I've notice horses does not last that long so from a male perspective can be a bit difficult to understand the novelty. Have nice day
  6. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Hello from IL

    Hi, Wolflikebehaviore from IL During my adolescence I moved to the country in a farm where I spent some summers there. I had some experience and I am fond of anal sex both giving and receiving. I hope to learn lots from this community.
  7. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Do you think animal brothels are ethical?

    Should there be a valid reasoning for them to exist again like they used to?
  8. J

    I’m married but still love zoo, do I tell my wife?

    Has anyone had experience with telling their significant other about their zoo experiences? We have a female dog that sucks my cock with such enthusiasm and I’ll partake in it with the pup while my wife is at work sometimes. We also have calf’s, and many other farm animals that I’ve let milk me...
  9. Juan Lobo

    If you could have chosen your sex before you were born, what would you choose?

    What sex would you have chosen before you were born? Your votes are anonymous, so don't feel ashamed.
  10. FreeGirl

    Hello Forum

    Hello everyone:), friends, how are you? I have been on the site for some time and still haven't written anything about myself, so I decided to correct this omission,my name is Lydia, I am 26 years old, I am from Ukraine 🇺🇦,in search of good communication and friends,I have some experience in...
  11. S

    Hund will, aber nicht so richtig

    Hallo. Mein Hund ist jetzt 2 jahre alt und mag sex sehr. Wenn ich mich auf den rücken drehe, steht er sofort neben mir und will das ich ihm einen runterhole. Er wird allerdings unsicher sobald ich mit meinem kopf näher komme und geht kurz weg. Er hat wahrscheinlich angst das ich ihm weg tue. Der...
  12. D

    I want to be mounted [F]

    I want to be mounted by my dogs but I honestly have to clue how to go about this without hurting them or me, if anyone has any tips that would be great
  13. S

    Using blue pill to satisfy animal partner

    I could last very long even though mares & bitches pussy are too good. But I was wondering if anyone has ever use the pill to have sex with your animal partner longer.
  14. Marshall_The_Husky

    About female dog/canine

    I have some questions about females. Pyometra is fatal and it can be treatable with OSS and spaying, but I heard that it's not good to operate an OSS because with missing womb the vulva/pussy will maybe shrink and a male dog or a human could break the operation seal at end of the vulva/pussy...
  15. dpound4zoo

    What is the youngest dog age you can start to "play" with your dog?

    What is the youngest dog age you can start to "play" with your dog?
  16. bunnymundpaws

    Does a Female Horse move her hips when she's getting fucked?

    I'm just very curious if this ever happened to anyone.
  17. RightRotted

    How to go about sexual relationships with small dogs?

    Hello! I’m hoping in the near future to get a male chihuahua and i wanted to ask how to go about having sex with such a small dog? Note: I’m not basing our relationship on sex. This is just for future reference in the event he would want a sexual relationship. Thank you! edit: i’m a trans guy...
  18. H

    Latest sex

    Tell about your latest sex . With? Give or take? First time or new kinks? When? Or something other you would like to tell Picture of the sex is optional I start, today now did suck my dog, he did lick up my sperm.
  19. E

    any advice for sex with dogs (female dog)?

    I'm still kinda new at this... I mean, maybe not that new because I just had sex with my dog some days ago for the first time (Border Collie, 3 years old) but maybe I didn't think enough about the problems (post nut clarity intensifies) and I'm afraid of doing something that can hurt her. She...
  20. VadiaNoCio

    Fun Day

    today after almost a month i'm finally at the family's place, i haven't been here for a day and my partners are already excited wanting to fuck me kkkk Today I am committed to satisfying both of you at least once ;3
  21. C

    Rhodesian Ridgeback and safe sex

    Hey everyone, I used to have an account here once upon a time but I've long since forgotten my password, starting fresh and in need of help. I'm finally out on my own, the next year is going to be a bit hectic with me away in the bush for 7 months but things should be pretty normal after that...
  22. Polish Rat

    Dog Days (Psie Dni) i Dog Sitting (Psia Opiekunka) [PL]

    Tak więc tym razem to nie manga tylko bardziej komiks ale jest chyba na tyle ciekawy i ładnie wykonany że chyba warto było go przetłumaczyć. Niestety bez polskich znaków bo ciężko znaleźć pasującą czcionkę która do tego ma polskie znaki. Mam nadzieję że to nie będzie jakiś duży problem. Jest...
  23. Dogsuckergirl


    Has anyone tried having sex with a wolf dog or a wolf? it's too risky? I want as much information as possible about this...I just love these animals haha
  24. B

    Best Pussy's

    Hello everyone. I'm a virgin and just wanted to know what is the best type of pussy from Humans to animals. Could you please share your answer in the comments I'm very interested and if you have had sex with different types of animals and humans could you rank them.
  25. GaboBeastVenezuela

    Hello From the two Lands (Saludos desde las dos tierras)

    How is everyone doing? My name is Gabriel, I'm 22 years old and I've been a zookeeper for a year or so, yes, I'm pretty new. I'm the oldest brother of three, my father is Venezuelan and my mother is New Yorker, so basically I've lived between the two countries and thanks to that I got to know...
  26. itsjohnthronton

    Should I Feel Guilty For Wanting To Fuck/Get Fucked by Horses?

    Hi there, I am new here. Just found out about this forum and I am not sure how to express how great I am feeling that such a community exists here where I can find like minded people because I thought, I was the only one with such thoughts. I am 23 years old male and I have a fantasy of...
  27. A

    Dying to have my first experience

    i have been into this lifestyle for about ten years now. So far Ive only ever gotten oral from my dads 3 dogs at once. Which was nice but I am looking forward to an actual sexual experience with one of them. How many of you have had sex with a family members dog? Is it wrong if they seem willing...
  28. A

    Has anyone found love or a partner on this site?

    Having such a unique kink can be isolating when only a very small percentage of people around the world are into it.I would love to hear of some success stories of people finding love with a mutual desire for beastiality. I'm a straight male but from what I can see it's more a sausage fest on...
  29. Cookiesanddonuts

    After sex rituals

    What are some common things you do after sex. Do you go for a walk, cuddles, second round, etc? For me it was the classic cuddles, water and a snack for both of us.
  30. Cookiesanddonuts

    Dog wanting sex around other people

    Does your dog ever show signs they want sex with you while around others? How do you deal with it?