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  1. SpagooterMcGee

    Who Initiates? You or your dog?

    New and former lurker to the site and I'm just curious on who usually makes the first move on an average basis? You or your canine lover?
  2. Zaruxin

    Sexual Animal Dream

    I've had a few sexual dreams about animals and I'm curious about how many others get to have this dream experience! 🤔 I just wish they lasted a bit longer 💕 If you want to share your dream story please do, or if there's something already exciting on here you want to share, guide us to the tread 😊
  3. D

    The knot makes all the difference?

    Alright so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this here or on some other thread but anyways. This is mainly directed to zoo/beast ladies. I've read quite a few posts about the experience some women have when mating with a dog. Just curious, do you think the appeal and the enjoyment would be...
  4. F

    New! Hello to all!

    So, let me start off by saying that I’m new to this site, as you can see by the header lol. A little bit about myself, I’m a male, 33 years old, living in the United States. I’ve had a beastiality fetish for as long as I can remember. Everytime I masturbate, it’s usually to beastiality videos. I...
  5. D

    Does anyone else love dog breath and drool?

    I absolutely love seeing a dog panting or drooling, their hot breath and drool just turns me on so much. I'd love a dog to drool and pant all over me while he's having sex with me. I hope I'm not the only one who's like this, does anyone else like this? :3
  6. pes

    How to oral a male dog: A guide to oral sex.

    A short introduction to the wonders of orally pleasing a male dog. Oral sex it more or less about masturbating a male dog with the added benefit that in the end you do the masturbation with your mouth. So lets begin with how to masturbate a dog. Masturbating a male dog: I am going to describe...
  7. isi

    Would you give me an opportunity?

    Hello. Some time ago I realized that the idea of having sex with animals turns me on. My grandparents have always had farm animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats and dogs. Since I was a child I started enjoying myself while touching cows' tits. That stayed there until I became more...
  8. FloofyNewfie

    OSS and a resuced sex drive?

    So, for right now my Newfoundland girl is unaltered. I've been kicking around the idea about get an Ovary Sparing Spay done when she reaches the age of 6 (she's 3 right now) Even in the times when I am not constantly making love to her, she's always has a strong musky vaginal smell. I fear she...
  9. 7

    Doggy Dick Favorites

    Pretty sure there are threads circling around already, but what is your favorite thing when it comes down to dog sex? What turns you on the most or what do u want to experience ?
  10. Austral

    Could this be the door to "consensual" zoo sex? (AAC)

    I found some videos in YouTube of dogs using "talking buttons" (Augmentative and Alternative Communication they call it) in order to express their needs, and even make simple phrases, and I couldn't avoid thinking about making a "SEX"or "I want to have sex" button :husky_laughing: I know...
  11. L

    Hello! Here to learn, esp about zooromanticism

    Good morning. I’m a pretty well established artist in the world of sequential art and am here for research. I’m working on a graphic novel, pretty abstract and non-linear, about the sexual and romantic and spiritual relationship between people and animals, both currently and across our shared...
  12. FloofyNewfie

    Dildos safe for a female dog?

    So lately, my girl has been starting to beg me for more sex than I can realistically handle. I've been considering getting a dildo to satisfy her needs whenever she has them. I can try to get her off by fingering her, but she's often begging for more. PLUS, I've been thinking about making some...
  13. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone else have a Nympho female canine?

    I'm curious, because I cannot be the only one with a canine girl that begs for sex all the time, in and out of heat? My Newfie girl isn't subtle about it either. When she's in the mood she will stiff my crotch intensely, turn herself around, and present her ass to me. If I pet her backside she...
  14. FloofyNewfie

    Pursuing Missionary with my dog?

    Update: So my girl went into heat but she gave me a little scare when her heat blood started to smell like liquid ass. I was preparing to take her to the vet but oddly enough it cleared up went went back to just musky like normal in only 3 days. I believe my diet is to blame for the smell of my...
  15. Y

    Does anyone know good zoophilia dating sites?

    I used to use k9 before it was revealed to be a honeypot, and now I need another place. Anyone have any good suggestions? I don't like using credit cards btw, but if I have to its alright. Please help!
  16. abc2020

    Breastfeeding who tried it?

    So, We have 3 kids and hubby been breastfeeding off me for about 6 years on and off. Who else is into it, tried it loves it? Who loves it during Sex?? X
  17. Z

    Splorch, the Egg Laying Dildo

    I know there's posts about primal hardware, but I can't believe there isn't a thread of this already (I always search before I post things). To any ladies (or gents) who own one; what's it like? I have a huge impregnation fetish and love to see women using this thing. To those who don't own one...
  18. abc2020

    Many couples on here?

    Hi How many of you are couples? Do you do it together or one of you is just the assistant/cam person? Xx
  19. FloofyNewfie

    Stretching a dogs vagina out?

    Oh boy, I hope I'm not opening a big can of worms by posting this. Try to keep things civil. So many zoos attest to the ability of stretching a dogs vagina out. But there seems to be an equal amount that says it cannot be done. The method I was told about involved starting out with small sex...
  20. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone taken a dog's virginity?

    So, I've never gotten the opportunity to take the virginity of a canine. I'm sexually active with my Newfoundland girl but I got her at the age of two from a zoo who's known to share his canines. So, who knows how many cocks have been in her by now? Lol For those who were able to take the...
  21. FloofyNewfie

    Sex Just After Heat - Yes or No?

    This is a bit of a weird question. So, normally for this type of question I'd go to my two trusted zoo friends. Both have a lot of expirence. But on this question their answers actually conflict. One friends says that I should wait 7 days after a heat cycle has finished before I start fucking...
  22. FloofyNewfie

    Women of ZV, what's your opinion on men fucking female animals?

    Hello women of Zooville, So I'm a bit curious what a lot of women's opinions are on men having sex with female animals? I've seen seen reactions of "I think it's hot" to "I think it's nothing but rape, no matter what." So for the women of ZooVille, how do you feel about it? This is of course...
  23. FloofyNewfie

    Female Dogs Enjoying Sex Out Of Heat?

    I know this is going to sound like me boasting, but it's not my intention one bit. Okay, so male zoos who have female dogs, do your girls love sex out of heat? I've spoken with a lot of zoos over the years and it seems like bitches are usually not very horny or slutty unless in heat. I've also...
  24. newdist

    What's your favorite zoo activity?

    Animal gender and activity! Mine is letting a male dogs give me a rim job. I hang out naked a lot so it is nice to watch a movie or something while my dog just eats my ass. Such a good feeling! Of course I'm usually open for more if it comes to that ;)
  25. FloofyNewfie

    Fucking Female Dogs - Fast or Slow?

    Fucking Female Dogs? Do you fuck them fast and rough (not too rough now!), or slow and gentle? What's your preference? I used to go fast and rough, but with my newfie I've found that slow and gentle actually feels more pleasurable to me. To her sex is sex and she always has a smile on her face...
  26. Tofudebeast

    'Christmas is just two fucking deer' images

    Dear All, Thought I would share these a bit early in case anyone wants to use them on social media etc. Images are not my work. Tofudebeast
  27. J

    Anyone here willing to meet up in socal?

    Unfortunately, I (18m) don't have a dog/any other animal that can have sexual experiences with. I also don't know anybody that has a dog that would let me spend time with and don't know of anywhere to find someone who would. If you are willing to host I would very much appreciate if we could...
  28. argonian343

    Spayed or not?

    I'm gonna get a dog soon, ill probably wait a few years to spay her tho
  29. V

    Curious but...

    Zoophilia has been a curious topic in my mind but I am too relaxed of a person so I don't know if that will work with me. I am afraid that the animal will chew off my dick away. Loll I find certain female dogs and cows cute.
  30. O

    History in the making...

    You know how exclusively homosexual people call themselves "gay" to make the whole concept super squeaky-clean and easy to understand? Well... ladies and gentlewolves, the time has come for the most historical post of this whole section of the forum (thus far). The analogous term for...