1. paweyboy

    How can I help my dog to mount me?

    I have a small dog which is around 4 years old, he usually licks me but I want to take this to another level. Anyone knows any positions or tips?
  2. Wuzzley

    Cougars what are you looking for in younger men?

    Any guy can say they like older women, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll never see them get with or date one. I think there are plenty of reasons for this, like cougars not being incredibly common, but as a guy who has decent emotional materiality for my age I wonder what green flags or specific...
  3. M

    My dog dosent know how to fuck HELP

    My dog doesn't know how to fuck Hi, I'm Marcus, I had the idea of having my dog as a partner. He is an 8-year-old white boxer neutered, but that does not prevent him from having erections. Today we had our first meeting, he had already seen me naked so that he was comfortable, I brought my...