1. A

    Is it safe to have sex with my female german shepherd if she's spayed?

    She was spayed when she was 1 and I've been curious if it's safe to have vaginal sex with her because she's spayed. I'm not very knowledgeable on the whole procedure myself as my parents were the ones who did it (she's a family dog). So I was curious if it's safe to have sex with her or if she'd...
  2. pebblemuncher

    How to vet someone for a meetup?

    I'd love to try for my first zoo experience soon but I'm not sure how to approach doing so. I figure I could find someone nearby after a bit of talking with users here on ZooVille, and get to know them better through private messaging. My biggest concern is privacy and safety - I'd rather not...
  3. having bone

    Tips for 4th of July

    We want to make sure our partners are safe During what can be a scary time for them. 1. Take them for a adventure which could be a hike, bike ride, a long walk 2. Play everyday sounds for them that could could be music, having a fan on, running the dryer, or putting doggie tv on 3. Try having...
  4. M

    How do you avoid being caught by the vet?

    Hey this could apply to any species but I’m asking about horses. They have regular vet and farrier visits, how would you avoid suspicion if the horse is kept on your own land? Besides obvious things like cum on her, what else is there worth looking out for?
  5. pes

    The personal information database of zooville

    Some of these results are only available to zooville admins, some is completely public. Do you trust the security of this server and the admins? Put this together with personal ads that some people post and it becomes quite possible to either identify or come very close to identifying individual...
  6. A

    Dying to have my first experience

    i have been into this lifestyle for about ten years now. So far Ive only ever gotten oral from my dads 3 dogs at once. Which was nice but I am looking forward to an actual sexual experience with one of them. How many of you have had sex with a family members dog? Is it wrong if they seem willing...
  7. FloofyNewfie

    General tips and guidelines for meet-up safety.

    As some of you are probably aware, I've decided to post some general guidelines for meet-up safety in the personals section. Does this cover every single aspect? It does not. But for the sake of length and general human attention span considerations, I've gone ahead and posted what I believe are...
  8. K

    Meetup safety

    Generally how safe is it to arrange meetups on these forums? And what are things one can do to increase their safety if they were to proceed with the meetup? This could be for as a casual meetup or like hosting scenarios. im very curious and would like to have these tips as id like to actually...
  9. FloofyNewfie

    Things your dog should NOT be chewing on

    I initially posted this as a reply to a user on here, but I figure that that this information should be in a thread of it's own. Here are some things that your dog should NOT be chewing on nor playing with... 1) Rawhide - Dogs can chew off large pieces and swallow it whole. Leading to it...
  10. J

    How to have safe sex with a male dog? (I'm female)

    So I'm completely new to this, I'm female & I want to know how to safely get f*cked by a male dog. Is there risk of infections? Such as BV (bacterial vaginosis) when their PH of their skin throws off your PH down there, or risk of UTIs? (Urinary Tract Infections) bacteria going up the uretha...
  11. LeftFilly

    Animal Housing Fire Safety - Please take a moment to plan how to save your loved one

    Hello, Just wanted to post a friendly reminder here as we approach summer and wildfire season in the northern hemisphere to please take the time to consider your fire response and evacuation plan for wherever your loved ones are located. Please make sure that your fire extinguishers are...