1. incubusyiff

    Wouldn't deplatforming us be a violation of First Amendment Rights?

    Simply put everybody has the right to peaceful assembly, am i right or wrong?
  2. D

    PETA the organisation

    I keep reading lots of Zoos are talking negative about the organisation PETA. To be honest I don´t know why because I have no clue or idea why lots of Zoos are against a NGO which more or less is for animal rights... right? I am all ear for a good discussion about PETA and hope this stay here...
  3. caninemind

    Colonizing a legal state?

    Do you think there would be any chance of us real animal lovers moving en masse to one of the U.S states/territories where zoohilia has at least no laws out right demonizing it?( IE NM, WY,WV, HI) establishing a large enough population within one of these states and organizing to push for at...