1. StarryJellybean

    Opinions on bioactive reptile husbandry

    Considering a bioactive tank emulates the natural habitat of our reptiles, is more hygienic and low maintenance, and creates a more beautiful scape, why is it that bioactive tanks are still considered an alternative caretaking style? Yes, plastic everything is cheap, but that doesn't make it...
  2. Foxxovicent

    the case of david brown and his anaconda that ended in tragedy

    This case was not very famous, but it was about David Brown, a young man who was strangled to death by his female anaconda while trying to copulate with her. I just want to know his opinion on the case. postscript: I know that reptiles are prohibited in this forum but with more reason we...
  3. samcwood31

    Snake Masturbator 🐍

    Is there any snake masturbator/fleshlight? Like, a fleshlight that looks like an actual snake 🐍 Couldn't really find one yet... I'm looking for something like this:
  4. pes

    Sex with reptiles/snakes FAQ

    There is this interesting article that explains why having sex with reptiles is not a good idea and harmful for the animals most of the time. While this topic does not appear often I thought this might be useful to have here: