1. S

    Common complaints.

    Made my first post of kinks you wished you see more often. It got removed and the reason "A calf? Seriously?" Alright. Share. What is the most outrages, ridiculous, stupidest, restarted things your post/threat got deleted for?
  2. pes

    The problem of internet culture

    Go ahead and ask a random group of people on the internet to do something for you. "Make porn for me." "Post your favorite yiff." "Post your favorite dick pics." "Write a guide about ... animal." "Help keep the site clean." "Mods keep the site clean for fuck sake." "Why is this place so quiet?"...
  3. zetaoptimis

    New Here well, sorta

    Heyo o/, I'm a 22/m here from NJ raised in a heavily Christian home. I've been viewing this forum since I was pretty young but never thought to make an account or comment. I've been attracted to animals (more specifically dogs, horses, and sheep) ever since I was 13. I came across bestiality...
  4. BeteDeBalo

    Ansty for a first

    Hey, I started as a zoo who was only into stallions (and even then always just thought it a fantasy) but the more I've talked with others who've opened up about their own zoo desires I've started being interested in k9s as well and now I'm seriously pondering about trying to find someone who's...
  5. HoundDogRuffDog

    Celebrating you having a dog, but not honestly the dog..

    I'm a bit peeved and annoyed today.. I follow a lot of dog forums, blogs etc.. and I see this one thing SO often and I'm SO annoyed of it. Usually it's the dog's birthday and the owners are posting like "George is 1 year old today!" or even something more self-serving like "I saved poor George...
  6. Otter4Bear

    Zoosexual Manifesto

    Hey guys! I couldn't sleep and decided to put together my own pattern of behavior as it pertains to our furry fluffy fuzzy friends. Let me know your thoughts and if there's more worthy ideas to add to what my oxygen deprived brain managed to scrape up from a night of idleness. Also slighty...