1. S

    My friend shows me a lot of signs but are she really suggestive?

    Hi, first sorry for my general quietness. I'm on this place about half of 2022 and it's my first thread. Sorry for my mistakes, english iss not my main language. I used the search tool here and I saw various topics about "knowing if someone is into zoo" just in case, but i'm on a different...
  2. unsheathmyknife

    Best browser to use while on zooville/zoo related websites?

    I've been just using a regular browser (i.e Chrome, firefox, opera, etc) for a while on incognito mode to browse here but I thought about it for a bit and realized it's not really super private even though it's """incognito""" just curious on what yall use to stay safe and private I've also...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    What's the best messenger?

    So Telegram/Vidogram are absolute trash, and skype is dead. What is a good messenger to use nowadays? Preferably one that has end-to-end encryption, but also has video calling capabilities. So far I'm on Signal, but I'm very disappointed with it. Also, I'd like a platform with both mobile and...