1. M

    Bump if you would have sex with a dog or horse while pregnant

    And for men, would you like to see your wife pregnant like this?
  2. L

    Pregnancy & Mounting: Yes or No

    Many feel differently to this topic as it is very personal for obvious reasons. Where do you fall on it? Share your thoughts after you vote if you would like to.
  3. morunomi

    Does remaining dog semen in vagina prevent human insemination?

    I am wondering about this. Obviously it's not possible for a woman to get impregnated by a dog and become pregnant. But after the dog cums in a woman's vagina, the semen travels into the uterus and the usual places just like human semen. And it may remain there for a few hours or even days? So...
  4. LlamaCumma

    Pseudo Pregnancy’s in Dogs

    Howdy! I was curious if anyone who owns an intact-virgin-female pup and wether they’ve experienced a pseudo pregnancy after some form of sexual interaction wether it was fingering, oral, penetration etc. Recently, a pup that I’ve fooled around with (no penile penetration) has experienced...
  5. Elmorous

    Risk of Pregnancy - Fantasies

    This is a two-fold topic that I've always thought about: 1. Who all has wished they could impregnate their animal partner? What species/gender? 2. Those who share intimacy with male animals - Have you ever fantasized about him getting YOU pregnant?
  6. Lanny_99

    A new place in science! (Important).

    For the sake of information, I believe those who are not yet aware of current events in the field of biogenesis. Here is a news that many expected, there is still a possibility! The purpose...
  7. Rick

    Getting one of my girls pregnant fantasy

    I have a fantasy about being able to get one of my k9 girls pregnant. this started while having sex with one of my girls while she was on heat and while in pup and had well developed breasts, i found she seemed to really enjoy sex while she was pregnant but i stopped a few week before pups were...
  8. V

    How do you imagine the sperm of a dog fertilizing an egg of a woman?

    I always had the idea during my 3 years of zoophilic experience, that at some point my interior was going to adapt so that the sperm of my dogs was compatible with my ovum and thus the Fertilization would be a success, I started to think that because of a documentary that said that species...
  9. M


    Hola soy nuevo Quiero leer sus opiniones respecto al sexo de un perro con una chica embarazada. Es moralmemte correcto? El otro dia estaba viendo a ariel y sus videos en art of zoo y ella folla con perros teniendo 5 o 6 meses de embarazado. En los ultimos videos como prego anal no hay...