penis size

  1. G

    Best animal penis

    I would like to know what animals have the best penises in your opinion and why? Im super curious to see you answers!
  2. Oak261515

    Male Chihuahua Topping? Small Breeds?

    Hi, newbie 22F here! I was wondering if it is possible for a male chihuahua to penetrate in missionary, and roughly what size their cocks tend to be. You see, I have quite the shallow vaginal depth limit at about 6 inches. 6.5 is a stretch for me, even with super soft (00-20 shore) silicone...
  3. IrritatingCunt

    Do different horse breeds have different penis sizes?

    Title pretty much says it all. If so, what breed is the biggest?
  4. L

    How to tell what a stud is packing?

    Basically the title... Obviously bigger breeds have bigger bits but I was just curious to know if anyone had a method for figuring out what a stud is packing before even interacting with them? The swing of their sheath? The tip of their meat poking out when they sit? Is there any easy tell...
  5. Splashstorm

    Irish wolfhound penis size?

    I see lots of Great Dane penis sizes listed, but an Irish wolfhound is the biggest dog breed & I haven't seen anything about them. Does anyone know how big theirs is?
  6. arcticwolf69

    Breed size averages (Breed sizes based on personal experience)

    Breed size averages originally stated by taigantraverser Breed sizes based on personal experience (I thought this would be help full with people wondering) I can share from my personal experiences (at least the ones I can remember). I would also say this: there is quite a bit of individual...