1. pupaluv

    Neutered Dogs?

    Has anyone had success getting knotted by a neutered dog? If so, do you have any advice on how to make it husband?
  2. femaleanonzoo

    Neutered dog interested, any tips on how to move forward?

    20F here, ive known ive been into beast/zoo since i was really little, growing up i had experiences with family dogs, though never penetration. i stopped all that until recently, my male neutered dog has show interest in licking me, i let him for about an hour today and he loved it. i begin to...
  3. Lukasdvs

    Neutered but hard

    The kids I have access to is infact neutered. I'd love to have him dump his cum in my ass and knot me. But nonetheless he can still get hard. He will let me jerk him off and he will fuck me with excitement. He hasn't knotted me yet. And he does not cum. Once he fucks me for about 30 seconds he...
  4. B

    Neutered male questions, do's and don'ts ?

    Hello, to draw some bigger picture. I never had dog( i do not like filthy/loud animals, and a lot of my family/friends dogs where just like that, eating other dogs poop etc), or had contact with one for more than one day. So my knowledge is a bit limited when it comes to dogs. So when answering...