1. ttk9

    Peculiar taste for porn?

    My boyfriend and i love to spend nights watching zoo porn (especially with dogs and horses <3) I actually enjoy closing my eyes and let my imagination run wild while i just listen, while his pleasure is watching, but with no sound. what makes him incredibly hard is watching the full process of a...
  2. Nico18X

    Can a dog be precocious?

    Hi all, can a dog be precocious? This morning wanting to masturbate my 3 year old dog, it only took a few seconds for him to ejaculate. I started while his penis was soft and in the sheath, and his knot grew very quickly then ejaculated (after not even 20 seconds).
  3. Lanny_99

    Just a question (for the girls)

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so... But that's ok! Let me talk about what's going on... I've been getting into a new habit of collecting my dog's sperm and putting it in my meals, I admit it's been making me a lot more excited lately... I even went so far as to put it in a small...
  4. pes

    Knot massage research

    1. Quick firm squeeze, hold, quick release 2. Quick firm squeeze, quick release 3. Quick firm squeeze, slow release 4. Quick gentle squeeze, release 5. Slow firm squeeze, quick release I am trying to find out which method of massaging the knot is the most similar to what a female...
  5. K

    warming M/dog up to masturbation?

    im new to zoosexuality (ive been one for as long as i remember, but i havent engaged in it until recently) and i have an older pitlab mutt, hes about 7 or 8 years old, and hes been neutered for a long while. hes never had sexual advances made on him before due to this, let alone from humans. ive...
  6. P

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve never masturbated.. much less owned a toy.. but I’m curious and I want to get a toy for myself— I don’t have much money right now because of covid and stuff but I mean anybody have suggestions so I can look into good ones in the future ?
  7. pes

    Bump if you are masturbating right now (no porn)

    The title is pretty clear. :D This is aimed more to the users currently online and may lead to some yiffy discussions. Happy fapping. :gsd_laughing:
  8. S

    What do you say to yourself (or out loud) when you're masturbating/having sex?

    First post on Zooville and I love it here but anyway what do you say to yourself (or out loud) when you're masturbating/having sex? For example, when I'm trying to fit a really big toy in me I say, "I gotta be ready for horsey" or "No horsey I can't take it any deeper." What words or sayings...