1. sanjivszoro101

    Married women of ZV, does your husband know if you engage in dog sex?

    Y or N
  2. lipstickpup


    I have often fantasised about being married to a dog, being its submissive wife. Not just that, but having a whole ceremony, and then being forced to consumate the marriage in front of all the guests. Then living life as a married couple. I recently stumbled on to the video below, and she...
  3. C


    Anyone else feeling lonely? Wish i had a partner to enjoy with... Sorry, not complaining, just wondering if anyone is feeling the same?
  4. Pillar

    Marriage? Cuckoldry? WTF?

    Something just hit me. I just asked myself, is "marriage" supposed to be a closed relationship? If it is, but someone in the "relationship" changes their mind or feels like being true to themselves and their feelings and feels like sleeping with someone else (or an animal), wouldn't this be the...