1. TheHydra

    Legal status of Zoophile pornography in Australia these days specifically in Queensland

    It's been a long time since I checked the laws or can even find resources that detail what's legal or illegal these days I know recently NSW outlawed all Zoophile and Beastality content but I'm unsure of the status in Queensland or any other state at this point and googling it most likely isn't...
  2. MashaSobaka

    Is it zoo legal in Hungary? No!

    Many times they mistakenly come to this conclusion, but no, no legal. Between 1990 and 2009, Hungary was really a powerhouse in the production of animal porn, a lot of porn films (commercial shit) were made here. The production of these films was banned in 2009. The restrictions started already...
  3. B

    about the law and potential changes.

    It's mostly hypothetical I was curious if it was even possible for someone either into (or completely indifferent to) zoo/bestiality could go high enough in politics and change the law in order to just decriminalize zoophilia in general Not necessarily making it legal, perhaps people would...