1. Puhp

    Zoo Legal & Law Bestiality Law in the United States:

    Brian James Holoyda Martinez Detention Facility, Martinez, CA 94553, USA; Laws punishing individuals who have sex with nonhuman animals have existed since the earliest written legal codes. In the United States, bestiality has long been prohibited. The rationale for...
  2. DoggoHorsey

    Filming an amateur vid and the law

    Heya I was wondering if filming/recording a video (with a phone) making out with an animal can be considered as possessing zoo material on the phone? Since it's stored in it.
  3. R

    Wie sieht es mir der Legalität in DE aus?

    Hallo. Es gibt im englischsprachigen Bereich einige Erzählungen darüber, dass Zoo in DE solange legal ist, solange das Tier nicht dazu gezwungen wird. Einige reden reden deswegen darüber wie gerne sie in DE leben würden. Allerdings findet man online nichts aktuelles dazu. Jegliche Recherche...
  4. L

    Is this illegal and am I doing something bad?

    By actively seeking out this site and its content, am I breaking the law? Could I get arrested? Obviously, other users on the site take precautions like VPN or TOR and other methods of anonymity. I'm not talking about getting caught or being careful. Just flat out, is this illegal? The...
  5. Z

    Anti-zoo laws getting worse (how to deal with them?)

    I couldn't decide whether to post this in the "General" section or the "Zoo" section, but I decided to post it in the zoo section. In the United States and elsewhere, the laws relating to zoo have gotten really bad over the past 12 years. There used to be around 25 U.S. states that did not ban...