1. jakeo

    Long, slobbering dog tongue... would you suck on it?

    I absolutely love big dog tongues and crazy about dog slobber! If a dog lets me... I'll hold its mouth open and suck its tongue into my mouth and swallow all the slobber... Once even swallowed/choked on a GSD's tongue. I have yet to find anyone else with this fetish. Are you out there? 😊
  2. FloofyNewfie

    Sloppy Slobbery Dog Kisses?

    How many of y'all like to "make out" with your doggie companions? For myself I absolutely love sloppy slobbery doggie kisses! I go open mouth using my tongue to produce as much saliva as possible. I also love to make out with my girls for as long as they want. Makes me very horny, and I find it...