how to

  1. Aphemmy

    How to get a neutered dog hard?

    Hello! Im new to IRL Zoo, but i would like to know how to get a neutered dog erect? i saw somewhere in another thread that theres some special trick to doing it, and theres a big Pyrenees that im very interested in~.
  2. B

    How to fuck a bitch

    hey everyone i’m want to fuck my bitch properly and from past experiences she is very tight and always moves, any tips on how to get in her ? 🥰
  3. Bdrizzy2

    Anal how to

    Hello everyone, longtime lurker but am trying to get a little more involved in the community. I know there has been plenty of posts regarding this. But I have not been able to find anything with an exact step by step process to make it as clean and fun for everyone involved as possible. I’m...
  4. Sexy sea dragon

    How to give a horse the best hand job?

    Where do they love being rubbed best and what kind of lubs are safe
  5. dolly1

    Best breed for a beginner

    So I’ve been interested in Female x Male Dog sex for a while but never had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy. Now that I’m in the position to own a dog, I’m curious at dog penis sizes. How did you choose your first dog to mate with? I’ve stumbled on a post here about breed sizes and all I...
  6. Disanima

    Owning a pig

    Hi there fellows, I've always had a dream into owning a pet pig :pig_love: I have a thing for really large farm breeds, but I think it may be really difficult to manage one of them (or to avoid stupid questions on why I own it without eating it), so, I came to the conclusion that owning a...
  7. MissKate

    Beginner's questions

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this world, and my knowledge is mostly from videos I've watched. I have quite a few questions, and I've looked over the tutorials but couldn't find real answers for that. If you could share your wisdom it'd be awesome ❤ 1. It seems dogs in the videos sniff around...
  8. Creamraven

    How could we get the opportunity for a dog?

    My girlfriend and I are both in beastiality. I enjoying watching an animal take a woman. And her, loving an animal to take her. We want to have fun with a dog, but we’re in an apartment and don’t have money, nor space to get a dog. Does anyone have suggestions as to where or how we could get the...
  9. F


    Is it true having sex with animals or being penetrated anally by animals can result in cancer or diseases? I have fantasies of being raped and knotted by an animal, me trying to set free, another animal suddenly knots me. Just a fantasy hahaha never had beast sex