1. TylerKnotts

    Open stable or an open kennel idea.

    Something I've always wanted is to create a place where certain invited people could come and enjoy horses. Private rooms or open if you want company, if I'm not mistaken it is completely legal in WV (correct me if I'm wrong). Also the stable would be studs only another idea is a kennel where...
  2. Z

    Favourite horses

    Love to see all your gorgeous horses. Here’s mine.
  3. Legoshi01

    Hello from texas

    Hi everyone, jusy joined a few days ago and just stopping in to say hello to everyone. I havent been on a related forum in years and really miss connecting with like minded friends. Have experience with mostly male dogs and horses. Have been active since my early teens. I have 2 sweet boy dogs...
  4. H


    Hello everyone, I am glad to find people that like to love animals as much as I do, I absolutely love horses and sure am glad there’s an entire community here that loves them equally. Mares, stallions, perfect, specially fillies <3 I hope I can provide good discussions and be a good member...
  5. B

    Stallions. How the fuck?…

    I mean I understand the appeal of horses, with there big muscles, and dominating body structure, but like… how are you guys able to handle them repeatedly without tearing up your vagina, womb and/or rectum? Some of y’all are crazy.
  6. YoungManNew90

    Young man coming out.

    Idk why the urge. but I’m all about horses and girls. 🐎🍆 have never talked to anyone yet or got the balls yet to cum out but here I am 🙃
  7. Elmorous

    Okay horse lovers... Your preferred partner...

    What horse breed would you spend some intimate time with? Mare or stallion?
  8. C

    Hey guys. 30s male, wide ranging curiosity

    Well hopefully I’ve finally found a place to explore my wild side. I’m a good looking guy on the west coast, I have experience with women but none with men, animals, or male animals, and I’m interested in all of the above. I’m a perpetually horny guy with few limitations that I’ve found. I’m...
  9. ZooBag

    What was your first time with beastiality?

    Would be interesting to know how they ended up being who they are now.
  10. N

    Show your best Mare or stallion ass, anus, or pussy picture?

    Post some of your best pictures of mares or stallions horses ass, anus, or pussy here.
  11. Z

    Have you had sex with a horse?

    I looked for a thread like this, but couldn't find any. The question is, have you had sex with a horse (mare or stallion), and if you had, what did it feel like? Also, how many horses have you had sex with? If you have a horse, is the horse your lover? Is there anyone who had sex with a mare...
  12. broodmare951

    Any AI (artificial insemination) fantasies ??

    I have a fantasy of receiving the AI from a stallion or stallions. I would love someone to put me in palpating stocks like a mare and insert a syringe (1000+ ml) of horse semen into me exactly as they would a mare. Ofcourse I have live cover and other breeding fantasies as well.