1. incubusyiff

    does anybody else love dumpster diving as a hobby?

    I love finding stuff and fixing it and learning how to fix it later in life too the hobby turned me into a hardcore DIY'er as much as I can be too😅 enthusiast 👽
  2. GoodBoy40

    Hi Everybody .. have a small Question?

    Hi there Im very curious about our hobbies. Definitely, the zoo is connecting us, but I was wondering if someone here is an entomologist or orchid or a plant collector or whatever other things you love. Im an entomologist and I love vivariums and tropical small odd plants.. what is your thing
  3. D

    What are everyone's hobbies?

    I did a search and was surprised to not find a similar topic. I apologize if there is another one out there but I couldn't find it. So other than zoophilia, what are everyone else's hobbies? Mine are: 1. Music (I play drums very well and guitar, eh, not so well :gsd_wink:) 2. Woodworking -...