1. D

    I feel so guilty about my zoophilia

    I just can't stop, I love it. I love the feeling of being taken by my three dogs, one after another. It's not even just the mounting. I've started to become increasingly affectionate towards them and treating them like my lovers, having them sleep in my bed and give cuddles and massages. Kisses...
  2. flzoogirl

    dealing with guilt.

    hi, im a 20 year old person from florida, and i just like really desperately want to be fucked by a dog, but the guilt surrounding it eats me alive. i have a huge list of links to hot zoo vids i used to indulge in when i was at the worst of being into it. i havent looked in a long time but i...
  3. SheepieSheepie666

    Shame attached to my interests

    I've been struggling with how to cope with the shame I feel attached to my "Preferences" (Sheep, goats, horses, most hooved or barnyard animals besides pigs and cows). I hate that I'm into this sort of thing at all, and I've never really reached out to like minded people about it either. I've...
  4. L

    Coming to terms with my tastes

    Hi all, new here, and very new to this whole community. My question is how have people gotten over the self doubt and guilt that some (like myself) feel because they are attracted to animals?
  5. LoveNottLust1

    Do You Ever Cry From Being Discriminated As A Zoo

    Do You Ever Cry From being Discriminated As A Zoo? Wether In Front Of Others Or Alone?