1. A

    Goat love

    Need help with goat sex any Gide please
  2. Zon

    Goats who crave human pee

    This sounds like it could be an exciting scenario except there is a danger. Perhaps if there was some sort of gloryhole surrounded by a sturdy fence to form a safe barrier away from the horns. If it wants your pee then maybe it can be trained to suck a dick too...
  3. P

    able to care for a goat in CO?

    Im not sure if anybody saw this but to a good home in Wellington CO there is a free goat that is unable to move with his owners and is being given away if i could i would pick him up but i dont have a home for the little guy but i hope someone who will care for him finds him i figured id share...
  4. Breedinglover951

    Early breeding season...

    So if you go through my previous posts I am anxious to be bred this year to my Boer buck. He was showing interest in our Boer doe back in June but wasn’t mounting, just sniffs and talking to her. She wasn’t very receptive to his flirting as well. Well yesterday I went to the barn and he was...
  5. B

    Goat sex.How is it?

    For those who experience goat pussy, how is it compared to other animals like dogs and pigs? Are goats more easy to seduce to have sex compared to other animals? Also, do they liked getting milked from their udders??
  6. B

    Unquestionable fear...with farm animals.

    I never experienced having sex with animals but I am used to peting dogs and cats. I was visiting a local farm shop that has some animal farms and you can pet them. I was trying to pet the cow and the goats but I was a bit frozen. While some guest and their kids were able to pet them with no...