1. lihal86511

    AMA: Max (24) from Germany

    Hello boys and girls of ZooVille, after almost two years of lurking I have finally built up enough interest in this community to engage in an more active Zoophile lifestyle - starting with this introduction of myself: My name is Max, I'm a 24 year old PhD student and zoo-newb currently living...
  2. J

    New here. From Germany

    Hello I'm a 27 year male crossdresser from Germany. I'm trying to find nice people to talk about everything. I'm pretty new to all this and hope to find someone who is willing to help a newbie. If you have any questions about me just ask. Thanks :)
  3. JohnDoggie

    Ich hatte letztes WE zum ersten mal sex mit meiner süßen (Husky mischling)

    Hi, das ist mein erster beitrag hier! ich habe den account jetzt schon länger und weis auch schon seit einiger zeit dass ich selber zoo bin. Aber jetzt kann ich auch mal von meiner persönlichen erfahrung berichten :husky_happysmile: Ich selbst bin m27 und lebe zusammen mit meiner süßen Hündin...
  4. Rosy the Sissy Werefox

    A sissy boy from germany says "hii! x3"

    Hii! I'm new here and thought i could introduce me too ^^ My name is Shiiba & i'm 25yo bisexual sissy boy and hobby artist from Germany. I am open minded and very creative. With 14, i just thought i could try to use my creativity and do something with it. So i started writing creepy pastas and...