1. ShanoirII

    Chat Pyramids

    This is a simple forum game which involves building 'pyramids' of emotes. basically, to start, one person picks any emote, the next person types two of that emote, the next three, and so on. like so: p1: :) p2: :) :) p3: :) :) :) this can keep going until a user decides to, instead of posting...
  2. MishaCZ

    If XXXX, would you YYYY?

    So here is new silly game, ask a question following the format, user bellow answers and comes up with a new question. If you could became the same species of animal as the one you love and then had to stay in that form for the rest of your life, would you go for it?
  3. kcj

    Art contest

    Calling all zooville artist I challenge you to a quick draw contest!! Contest info (participants) - draw the best piece you can in under a hour -rough skecths welcome 3d renders also welcome but not required ( unless you would like to) - sorry no prizes simply just a show of skills Contest...
  4. I

    Do you play Minecraft?

    This might sound kinda childish, but who here still plays Minecraft? P.S.: I'm mostly asking this because I'm going to be out of school for three weeks and I am starting to play again :LOL: