1. yaanibunny

    How did you meet your first Zoo friend?

    Please leave out as much personal information as possible for your and their safety. Growing up I didn't have much internet access until about 13-14. Once I got my first phone, it opened a whole new world for me. I had known I was Zoo since very very young, but hadn't ever met anyone like me...
  2. Lusty Wolf

    Ronnie The Rat

    Anyone here a furry? I saw a video of him talking at some community meeting and he made us look so bad. I am a furry and I believe they should be a adult thing mostly. Dont get me wrong if someone is 14 and finds out theyre interested in animals on their own like I did then thats one thing but...
  3. NexusTheDergVR

    The Classic Cup Of Coffee/Tea: Consistency

    Yeah yea, I know all those coffee anf tea lovers will like this question but it has a small thing to it. Have you ever found that you can never make the same cup of coffee/tea the same way. Like you think you have got it down but you can't quite perfect the taste.