1. kzel1995

    Russian ftm

    Привет! Я транс*парень, и хочу рассказать немного про свои приключения :) У меня был небольшой опыт с собаками и котами. Я замечал, что пёс на даче постоянно тыкался носом между ног. И однажды я возбудился от этих действий. Первое время я уходил в туалет и дрочил на эти фантазии, но потом, когда...
  2. K


    it has a tube and syringe for breeding ; )
  3. K

    Ftm Zoo Sub

    hii lookin for new friends and such to chat with! kind of new to zoo or at least new to actually being social about it. i’m almost 19 years old, Female to male! 5 months + on testosterone. Reply or message me if y’a wanna chat :P
  4. BadgerB@be67

    Love Bites

    I had another session with my pittie again and she was eager as always! She tried to nip at my pants when I was pulling them down because she knew what time it was, I didn't even get to lay down before she started attacking my tdick! I was in heaven. She did get a little rough with the nipping...
  5. BadgerB@be67


    I tried again today with our second dog because our first one isn't as enthusiastic but she licked so deep I came on her tongue! I know who I'm going to when I'm bored now. I couldn't get her to stop now my legs are shaking!
  6. BadgerB@be67

    Tongue Pleasure

    I haven't tried dog tongue in a few years since my first initial time with a great Dane mastiff mix (friends dog) but I tried it again and I forgot why I stopped! His tongue made me melt away. I might try more tomorrow
  7. C

    Inexperienced but interested

    Hello, I just found this forum today and figured I would give it a shot. I'm an FtM male who has always been very interested in sex with non-human male individuals; real or fictional. I mostly just write original fiction short stories about non-human intercourse with FtMs, but I haven't found...
  8. lixalot

    24 FL ftm trans man looking to chat about experiences

    as the title states i am horny and lonely and would love to get to know someone and share our experiences.
  9. A

    When to start playing with a new dog?

    So i’m finally in a position to start looking at puppies! I’m going to be getting a belgian malinois, gender isn’t decided as i’m prioritizing temperament (this dog is going to be a working dog). My biggest question is, assuming the dog shows interest, when is the best time to start ‘playing’...
  10. lixalot

    hey! 24 ftm trans guy looking for chat

    i’m really horny and would love to exchange stories about experiences and what(k)not, hmu
  11. ShyIntrigue

    Embarrassed at Work

    I'm 25ftm and have been a pet sitter for many years. Over the last couple of years, I've come to accept my sexual attraction to the occasional animal. I hadn't been seriously attracted to any of my clients' pets (In my head, I separate work from everything else) - until this time. This dog is...
  12. lixalot

    New here, looking for chat buddies

    i’m Jc, i’m 24, ftm trans man, i’ve had too surgery and i look like a man lmao, i got into zoo at a very young age and have never lost interest. i didn’t realize there was such a large community out there and i’m excited to be here. i’m in northern Florida.
  13. lixalot

    Fl 24 ftm trans male started getting licked when i was 12, desperate to get licked again

    title says it all. if i can’t have the real thing i at least want to talk about it. hmu
  14. knottyornice

    Awkward Dork

    Howdy y'all, uhhhh new and shy user here, with no idea what the FUCK they're even doing, haha! Late 20s ftm (trans dude) in New England, who is thankfully married to a lovely lady Zoo! I'm a total zoo-virgin, and hey, I might never get farther than lurking and daydreaming, but that's okay...
  15. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hey there! I’m ftm and from Chicago! Currently inactive but trying to get active. I’m looking for fellow zoos in my area and just in general!:) Talking to like minded people has helped me so much, it was getting depressing I thought I was the only with these feelings
  16. KeepingItSlow

    Well, hello again

    Hiii! I joined... not even a week ago on the other ZooVille, was very confused when this one said my username "didn't exist," lol. I'm a pre-op FtM trans man who has been into zoo for a few years now - but am only looking for my first time now. I hope to make some good friends here, and I...