1. L

    Hi. I’m new

    Hi would like to use this space in order to meet new people. Specially if my age. I’m 20 I would like to chat about how this started and even make friends, it’s kinda lonely bc I don’t know anyone zoo. Be free if you want chat sometimes or more :3.
  2. ParttheworldzzR


    Looking to make new friends, come one come all I’m new here soo I’m tryna get around.
  3. Dalian2023

    I am new. Be gentle with me

    Hi there you beautiful lot. I am new here after having it recommended. This is a huge. HUGE interest of mine. And I cannot wait to get to chat with you, hear about your experiences and relationships. I'm based in UK. I have none myself, nor do I know anyone that has IRL (that I'm aware of, who...
  4. Lawnchair Pilot

    Another new person!

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and inexperienced in zoo. It would be hard for me to explain how exactly I'm into zoo, but I've had my thoughts since I was young. Hope to meet some friends here, even if nothing having to do with kink comes from it. Just want to talk to people who share the kink...
  5. CuntSleevee

    New and excited!!

    Hi! I’m 19 f, definitely new here and new to all this in general. I love art, gaming and spicy stuff. Very kinky and love exploring different things. Discovered I had an interest in all this recently thanks to some friends who showed me the light (lol) and fueled my curiosity. I believe I should...
  6. SheepieSheepie666

    New to the site (from Rochester NY)

    I'm a 23 year old burnout from upstate new york who's a professional recluse. I spend most of my time in my room, but have been getting out more lately due to covid restrictions being lifted recently. I'm interested in computers, and have been learning some coding and programming (Nothing of...
  7. .white2abbit

    K9 Lover in Ontario

    Friendly 29 year old straight white male here from Durham Region, ON. Long time in the zoo lifestyle(18+ years), finally getting around to joining another forum. My girl is a beautiful black 4 year old Shep/Rottie mix named Octavia I have lots of experiences and coming outs to post about that...