1. Bloit

    Suggestion: Auto-merge plugin for subsequent posts.

    So, there's quite some users that just don't have the mental capacity to understand they can edit posts, and sometimes post reply after reply after reply to a single thread, when rambling on... I just stumbled upon this plugin for XenForo...
  2. M

    [Feature request] Proposal of changes in the way of displaying of the "alerts"

    Hello. I would like to propose a slight change in the form of how are the "alerts" (notificationss, for example about new posts, uploads, etc.), including for the groups are beeing displayed. My change assumes that the forum software self and automatically moves ones that are marked as "read"...
  3. wads113

    How many hours a day/week/month do you use zv forum?

    Out of curiousity. How often do you guys check/read the forum? And how many hours each time/day 1-2? hours 2-4? hours 4-10? hours. Whole day? :D Constantly logged in and just browsing trough? Do you check it everyday? Once a week? Once a month? :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  4. Knotveryinterested

    How much time do you spend in Zoovilleforum?

    Unit: [hours/ per week] ~ in average Only Mainly intended for old members. However, newcomers (who initially spend more time) can also cast their votes. Feel free to vote! I look forward to active participation! :)
  5. K9FurLife

    Group Discussion vs Group Forum

    Hi All, I noticed in the groups there can be a forum section, a discussion section or both. What's the difference between the forum vs discussion sections? Thanks, K9
  6. A

    To where did everything move?

    I guess that because of the new laws in the US, a lot of the forums and some of the best content sites like bestialitylovers and petsex where closed down. However, this does of course not mean that there are less people into zoo stuff, and where there is a will, there is a way. I mean its...