1. FrostO9

    Question for the Women.

    I am genuinely curious. I have watched many many videos and read a lot of "true" stories about women taking a dog knot or a flared horse and the knot or flare getting lodged/stuck inside and it's unable to come out at all until the swelling subsides a bit. My question is how secure is that lock...
  2. azebraofcourse

    Inflatable Flare Horse Dildo?

    I've been curious if anyone has managed to produce a horse dildo with a manually inflatable flare. Couldn't seem to find any on my own. It definitely seems like it would be challenging to create.
  3. W

    Oh How I Wish I had Bought a Large

    I bought my first Bad Dragon, a Flared Chance in small. He’s wonderful but not big enough to be satisfying by itself. If you have any questions feel free to ask.