1. MissLove

    ¿Tienen algún conocido que sea abiertamente zoo o haya admitido que alguna vez estuvo con un animal?

    En mi caso un tengo un tío que le contó a sus hijos que de joven se cogió a una burra para practicar (vivían en el campo). Una noche sus hijos (o sea mis primos) habían ido a comer y no recuerdo cómo salió el tema y nos contaron eso a mi hermana y a mí, muy wtf el momento pero pasó como si nada...
  2. Sheppermutt

    How can I encourage others to respect my mate?

    I currently live with family and I have an issue where 'normal' people wouldn't: My sibling doesn't really respect my mate at all. They don't really care for dogs. They knock on my girls head, (like knocking on a door) grab/pull her head, scare her, talk sternly to her, shove her with a foot...
  3. D

    Starting a family

    So i'm finally at that stage in my life where i really want to have kids. I've been in a relationship with my now husband for nearly 5 years. I'm zoo but my husband doesn't know unfortunately (and probably never will know). The main thing stopping him from getting me pregnant is financial...
  4. Mike4k9

    Less Time For Loving During Lockdown?

    Because everyone you live with is now stuck in the house, are you unable to be with your animal partner? Please share in the comments who your lover is and details on what you do and how you do it during these times.