1. D

    Will my family know?

    I'm a 21 years old girl. Currently visiting my dad, he has a sweet Collie. He licked me already but I wanna take things further. Just with this, now he's always sniffing my ass and trying to mount me in front of everyone. Nobody seems to find that weird, so it's alright. last time he licked me...
  2. Evie

    ZOO and families

    I'm curious to those who still live at home, or those that have their own human families: how do you keep your lifestyle separate from them? Do you? I'm curious to know about if your mated to the family dog, how does he/she interact with the family? Or if you're into larger animals, like if on a...
  3. Mike4k9

    Less Time For Loving During Lockdown?

    Because everyone you live with is now stuck in the house, are you unable to be with your animal partner? Please share in the comments who your lover is and details on what you do and how you do it during these times.