1. Maracas

    Europe trip

    Hi there I'm planning a trip to Europe from December to January and wanted to ask my fellow here for suggestions for where to go, what to do and any other suggestion you can give me for the trip PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong, I didn't know where else to publish it
  2. RomaniaPetLover

    ROMANIA & very nearby area

    Salut \ Hello all ! Old member of the ArtOfZoo , Beastforum and ZoosBook platforms who discovered this forum in the absence of those famous websites. - I'm an experienced HETERO dog trainer , a trendy 35 years old man , who found out about this topic from childhood by chance , many years ago...
  3. Enis_Pitbull

    My Balkan Zoo members group in Zooville Chat

    Hi, This post goes to all Balkan people in Europe who are here and want to connect with us :) I have created an Balkan Zoo members chat room in the Zoville Chat and want to introduce to you all who likes to join. Feel free to write me there in Zooville Chat and I will add you in our room. The...
  4. MatchaMochi

    Hi everyone! Newbie here from northern Europe.

    Just a random new person from northern Europe here. Never thought that I'd make an intro here due to my shyness and lurker-nature, but I guess there's no harm in doing the introduction at least. I'm 22-year-old pan/asexual (hard to elaborate without going full novel here due to my not-so-good...