dog sex

  1. k9action

    Menstruation Issues Post Sex

    Greetings ZV fam! I was speaking with a friend of mine who rarely gets to have sex with dogs. Recently in one of our chats, she made mention that her cycle sometimes messes up after she's had sex with a dog. I asked for clarification, but she is getting ready for a vacation and is currently...
  2. jeepinn

    New here

    I'm new here brought in by curiosity and atmnd the arousing thought of woman and dog sex. So pretty new and learning as I go
  3. shepardt

    Dog Sex Tattoos - Which One?

    Ladies would you get one of these tattoos and if so which one? The first one could be played off as you just like dogs if someone saw it - if they know they know The second is a little more obvious with the inverted paws in the same position and orientation as if a dog mounted you.
  4. granley63

    Busco real en Madrid / looking for real in Madrid

    hola a todos, soy un chico gay de 50 que quiere experimentar con perros, activity o pasivo hi everyone, i am a 50 year old guy from Spain looking for his first pet-experience
  5. B

    Have ur dog tried to fuck u in public?

    I'm so queries if Im gonna relationship with my dog nd what if he will try to fuck me in public it would be so embarrassing🙈🙈 have ur dog ever tried to fuck u in public?? Tell me ur experience 🐶
  6. B

    How to get him ready to fuck me

    My dog is 3 years old, I wanna have sex with him. I never tried before. i want him to fuck me so badly bt im also afraid that what will happen next. How to get him ready to fuck me?
  7. Ironman23


    So for me years ago I came across beastality on the internet I thought it was fake at first but it kind of turned me on. So being single I've dated many female dog owners. I was always suspicious of the woman that that had large male breeds. But in no way knew how to bring it up or even mention...
  8. Ironman23

    How do you let your partner or possibly new partner know about the lifestyle?

    I love to watching my women getting fucked by a Dog. I was only lucky enough to only meet up with one female that was into it and would let me watch. And that only happened by accident of me noticing her dog always trying to hump her when she took her clothes off and me finally hearing her tell...