dog and women

  1. B

    Are men inferior to dogs sexually?

    it's exactly as the title asks, do you (women and gay/bi men) consider sex with male dogs to be universally better than sex with human males? if so is there anything to ever close the gap or do you consider the difference in physiology too greatly in favor of dogs. this is for research so...
  2. Qwazycupcakes

    Name the Bestiality genres that make you cum instantly

    Hey everyone new member here. I was just curious What genre of bestiality videos you would go to that make you cum instantly? Help a newbie out and drop them hot links I'm tryin to cum as we speak💦 My top three categories that make me almost instantly cum include: 1. Videos where two dogs are...
  3. 7

    Doggy Dick Favorites

    Pretty sure there are threads circling around already, but what is your favorite thing when it comes down to dog sex? What turns you on the most or what do u want to experience ?