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    Is doberman a good dog for zoo?

    Hi Everyone!! I am a zoo lover and I have practiced it and I gotta say I really love and enjoy having a dog lover. My question is, is Doberman a good dog to have and have it as a zoo lover? I really love those type of dogs and my goal is to be able to get him to fuck me. If anyone can advise on...
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    Generally, what bitch breeds can fit an Average

    Hi there, new to this whole scene. I've been thinking, for a long time, about getting an Irish Red Setter. I had a dog when I was younger and I loved him to bits, they're so nice and they're good with people which is a definate must! I have a average penis of about 6.7 inches and about 3...
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    How to chose the right dog, help needed?

    Hi there, a Newbie question. Myself and hubby are looking to play with a dog long term and I really want to experience a big knot, but before we get a dog/puppy I have few yes and no’s. So, I want the dog to be short haired, sociable and with a decent cock/big knot and a good stayer/performer...