1. K

    Females, women, girls= Catching your boyfriend/ husband with the pet

    So how did you act, what was your thoughts, what did you see him do? Did it end the relationship?
  2. RetriverD

    Have you ever thought if you were a dog what dog would you be?

    It can be the kind of dog, or a popular dog (for example famous from tv or something) My girlfriend says i would be German Shepard.
  3. Sir's Desires

    K9/Zoo Couples - what's your story?

    Hello everyone! Am interested in how couples who are here found each other and came to join a wonderful site like this. I personally think it is wonderful and amazing that you are here. Were you both into it before you met, did you both discover it after you met? Did one of you suggest it...
  4. Scurge

    People in zoo relationships, how does it work?

    For those couples into zoo, how did you two find out you were both into it, if you met online how were the first few months of dating? When did everything become comfortable?
  5. hounddog01

    Wives watching there husband\boyfriend

    Ok females tell us about how you found out about your husband\boyfriend trying stuff with a dog? Did you walk in on him and freak out, encourage him to keep going, sit and watch, record\take pics, tell us how it all played out? Also are you 2 still active in it?
  6. LoveNottLust1

    Zoo couple differences

    Are you or your significant other attracted to a species the other is not into ? If so please tell
  7. H

    Thank You

    Hello. My partner & I wanted to Thank you for letting us join! We are new to this type of experience but we are both extremely interested in learning more about it! Have a great evening!! - HillsKC20
  8. A

    Many couples on here?

    Hi How many of you are couples? Do you do it together or one of you is just the assistant/cam person? Xx
  9. VulgarframeMN

    Hints from significant other?

    Hey all, longtime lurker, first post. A bit of a story-time and simultaneous inquiry. So, my ex and I once were playing World of Warcraft together when the subject of the "hottest race" came up. To my surprise, my then girlfriend told me she found the Worgen race (essentially werewolves) to...