1. F

    Condom Concerns

    Hello, longtime lurker and first time poster here. Just had a serious question I needed an answer to. I’ve used a condom every time I’ve had sex with my girl, which has been a couple times a week for about a month or so now. I’ve recently read that dogs can sometimes react badly to the latex in...
  2. John D

    Dog condom

    Hello, my wife wants to try to have sex with a (male) dog but she want the dog wearing a condom. Maybe some day without it, but for the beginning she want it with a condom. I am totally fine with it but idk how to put it on. If the dog hump her, he will insert his penis immediately (at least...
  3. 1

    how many milliliters does the dog ejaculates

    I wonder which breed of dog ejaculates the most if you have photos and videos, feel free to show me your record